Sunday, August 5, 2012

keepng cool at 100 degrees!

Isabell thought she should help Riley into the pool.
Had all the family out to swim and try to keep cool. and enjoy dinner and some lively conversation.
 Both pools were warmer than we would have liked. Guess 100 degree day can do that. We added  more cold water. It helped alittle. So we had a sprinkler going also, to help you really cool off.
  The grandkids were trying to jump off side of pool, which popped the last one. I got the idea to have them jump off a stool. They Loved It!!! The photos speak for themselves.
Isabell was the first one to jump in.

Peyton and Parker tie for the best jumping pic.

I asked Madison to Jump in for me so I could get her pic. She gave me about 5 different poses on Stool
before  I finally got this one!!!! Such a cute and funny girl!

Melia showing off her cool Summer outfit. a 20's ,30's throw back!
Peyton wins most talented, as he can spit water and Jump!(boys!!)

Isabell and Brady showing off their Jumps!!

Riley crawled in here. guess babies know what to do to keep cool. Go for cover.
And I just love her SMILE!!
After the water, we ate a great meal of burger, cook by Doug.
It was a great afternoon and evening.
Brady and Ellie ended the night swimming in the buff, while Parker joined them in he's briefs.
Then the kids headed to the play ground as it was cool enough to get on.
They should all sleep good tonight!

Friday, July 27, 2012

June Trip up hwy 101

  We left a very rainy Onalaska on Monday June 18th 2012, to head south down I-5 to Crescent City CA. for our vacation up Hwy 101. It rained pretty hard at times till we got about an hour out of Grants Pass. Then weather changed to sunny with very few clouds.
   We stopped in Grants Pass to pick up some sunscreen at a Rite-Aid. An old fashioned one. The kind we used to like so much. Was fun. Then we hit up a Sonic for some happy hour 1/2 price drinks. Non-Alcoholic of course. We had some cherry and Raspberry Lime-aides!! Ah -so good!
   We stopped at a Redwood visitor center, was closing but got a little info. Then on to Crescent City.

   We arrived at our Hotel "The Light House Inn" around 5:45. It was pretty nice. Clean, really friendly, firm but comfortable beds, fun Lobby. Would definitely stay there again!
Below some pic's of Motel.

Not sure what the blue's brother guy is about.
 I had decided that I wanted this to be a fun vaca, but I also wanted to focus on eating good and trying to get 2 to 3 miles of walking in.

  So by 6:pm we were off exploring the town. We started at the bay/Harbor and headed to light house.

1st of many light house we would see or visit.
 Last two photos are of view from light House looking out.
Then headed back to our hotel. Stopped 1/2 way back and ate dinner at 7:15pm at Apple(something) restaurant.
Was good food. Nothing fancy.
     Finished the walk back to hotel. After clocking some of it with the car next day, we walked 3.5 to 4 miles !!! And I felt it when I got up Tues. morning.


Friday, June 1, 2012

hiking with the grandkids

As Tressa and I were driving back from Spokane, we thought a hike w/ family on memorial day, if weather was good would be fun.

   Well, it was fun! Weather was not the greatest. But it quit raining and sun did try to break through during our 1 miles hike on the Hummock trail up at Mt St Helens.
   Because it had been raining I didn't take my camera on the hike! I'm very much regetting that and won't do it again. So, all pic's are post hike.

   Most of the kids but, Isabell and Madison, were carried on shoulders or carried in a child pack at one time or another. They all seemed to enjoy it and though tired, didn't want to get in the cars to head to ColdWater lake to have picnic.

They have tables there. But , once we got there they all seemed to have fun. Eating, chasing a soccer ball around the parking lot, throwing rocks in the water or climbing on a rock wall.

 For Brady this was great. Something he could do, and not get told no. So he did it over and over again.
    The rain was starting back up so we headed out to go to Papa Pete's Pizza and let the kids play some games in the game room. The Morgans had stopped at an over look of a Bridge so we all stopped too.
Nate Looking a pic's on his new phone w. Madison

Then it was on to Pizza. It really was a nice day and the kids, even little ones did pretty well. Riley fell asleep in her pack during the hike. Brady wanted to go to everything he saw, even if the route(down a steep cliff) was dangerous. The trail became more level without any drop offs and we found a pond of water were Brady, and all the boys could throw a few rock. Unfortunately 2 yrs olds aren't too aware of their surrounding and Parker did hit Brady in the back of the head with a rock. But he survived.

   Would really love to take the 3 oldest on a hike. Peyton was so excited to wear his new hiking boots and socks.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Peyton & Brady Blog  started a new blog about P&B and Autism at this web address.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gymnastics w/MBP

Madison, Brady and Parker have been taking Gymnastics classes once a week for most of the year. They all really seem to like it. Madison has recently gotten moved up to an advanced class she is doing so well. Coach says she has some natural ability. Brady had the perfect built for it. and light bones.
 But, sitting and listening is a bit of an issue for him. Parker-- well he is just cute and has fun!!

                                                   Brady had trouble with the crawl. He just kept flipping over.

                           Madison has mastered the crawl!!