Saturday, March 12, 2011

Childrens Museum

The water area. Madison & Nate. At the end you can see Spencer who set up a water fall of sorts.
We had been to the museum before. But, I had forgotten my camera and it took all adults to TRY to keep track of kids.
  This time was better, much better. All dads came, as well as me and Grandma Connie to enjoy the wonders of the Olympia Children's Museum. If you've never been, you should go. It's like a kids big dream play house!!!
   We got there right when it opened and there were not too many other people there yet! Last time we had to compete with a elementary school that had 3 or 4 class of kids.
  Jesse and Tressa are not early risers and joined us half way through our adventure.

Parker was really enjoy the work area and his wheel barrel and rocks!!
We started out in Big boat and water and quickly  moved to the Work area.  As you can see by photos the kids, big and little, were having a grand time. and we had the area mostly to ourselves.

The miller family in work truck

Madison & Isabell had lots of fun loading rocks on to their shovels.

Ellie happy chill'n with Grandma Connie

This is the sand box area. Spencer and melia w/Parker, Isabell and Mads in back.
Isabell probably would have stayed and played in the sand all day if we hadn't made her move.

Isabell looking up at outline face and hands of her dad, in her workman outfit!

     We later moved on the stage & tree house play area. The kids LOVE this area. Isabell loves to dress up and sing for us. Madison and Peyton love to give people tickets to the show.

Isabell & Peyton singing a song together on Stage

Tressa joined Isabell and Parker had to try to get in on the fun too!

Parker in the tree house with his dad looking in.
  We then went to the food- doctor area, which I had never been to before. This place has everything.  Nate dressed Parker up as a DR and if was so cute!!!!.

 I think Melia has better photos of it. Hopefully she'll post at sometime.
Kitchen area..making us lunch??

Grandma Connie and Ellie ( 6 months)

Not sure words are needed for this fun photo taken in the toddler room.
The place is a bit tight and small. Good news is they are building a much bigger, better one.
Can't wait!! Isabell is the most in to make-believe and she really could go to one area and play for an hour and then go home. come back the next time and just play in another. The rest of the kids seemed to like change the scenery some.

Family hugs!!!!
We ended up in the toddler room. Which was relaxing, because no one could escape. I think we were all suffering from alittle over stimulation and called it quits after 2 hrs and headed out for lunch and naps!!! PS.-  No good pic's of Jesse. He had Brady duty, so was on the move most of the time.