Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boy Oh Boy

Erica found out last week she is having a boy. Nate is really excited about that. Everything is going good so far. She is due the end of June. And Yes, it looks like Peyton will be getting a brother! Tressa's ultra sound was not as clear as Erica's. Tressa's baby was not being very cooperative. They couldn't get all the measurements they needed, so she has to go back in a couple of weeks. This also happened with Peyton. The Tech was pretty sure (85% that is was a boy) we have a picture with an arrow pointing. It's just not as easy for us to pick IT out.
We'll keep you posted. Tressa was kind of expecting a boy. And it will be nice for Peyton to have a brother to play with. Looks like we'll be over run with boys. Something I'm not real use too! Isabell and Madison are gonna have to get tough!!

a good night

When mixing three families into one house you can get some crazy nights with everyone running around in different directions each with their own thing that needs to get done. That can be a little nerve racking, however you also get some just crazy great moments. Tonight was one of those moments.

It started with Dee Dee and I upstairs I was working on doing taxes for Alesha and ourselves when we heard a lot of laughter coming from down stairs. After a couple of minutes of Peyton, Melia, Isabell and Spencer laughing I had to go down to see what was up. Melia and Spencer had Peyton racing in the family room like he was a video game. He kept beating Melia and Isabell across the room and clapping and laughing when the race was over. I had to join in the fun and pretty soon Dee Dee came down followed by Jesse coming in to see the action and finally Tressa. We had all kinds of different races across the room till we were tired out (that is the adults Peyton and Isabell were still anxious to go some more.

As we sat and caught our breath Isabell started her rocking motion which she loves to do particularly to music. I put an old Archies 45 of Sugar Sugar on the phonograph for Isabell to groove to. Tressa had the microphone from the Rock Band set so I took the guitar and Jesse and Peyton the drums as we played the Jackson/Osmond/Von Trapp family singers by lip synching with the music. The whole gang was into the act. We got video footage but sorry no pictures to show.

These are the nights we will miss when we no longer have all of them living here. It was a very good night.