Tuesday, October 13, 2009

grandma connie

My mom came to visit after spending the weekend up in Seattle with her 4 sisters. They had a really good time. We were excited to see her. unfortunately timing as far as getting all the kids together was not good. So she stop by Melia's for a while on the way home and then Erica's. Though Erica was at a volleyball coaching meeting.

Then finally to our place. On Monday we did end up with all 5 kids at our house so Melia and Erica could go work out and Erica was looking at some housing out in Tenino. Was a bit crazy but fun. Always nice to see my mom and I know she loves to see all the grandbabies.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Boys (as in babies)

I haven't had much of a chance to blog. I Keep telling Alesha I'll get photos of our two newest boys up. So here goes.

Parker is almost 3 months now. And Brady is 2 1/2 months. There is still a big size difference, But Brady has gown alot in the past few weeks.
Parker continues to be an excellent sleeper. He has since he was just a couple weeks old. He sleep all through the night and will take two 3 hrs naps a day. He is most awake in the evening, which is nice because Nate gets to spend sometime with him. He is happy. Starting to coo and talk. Smile. Though he is always getting his tongue in the way. He is a big and a very strong little boy. He looks alot like his dad. I sometimes call him "little Nathan" Just wish I could see him more.

Brady is still battling acid-reflux. So he eats only alittle at a time and more often. This causes him to wake up every two hrs at night to eat. And he does not sleep well during the day either.But as long as he is held and/or being fed he is pretty happy. He is really making cooing noises and smiles. he does the big open mouth thing that Peyton did. Sounds like he is really trying to talk to you. Still light as feather. He is strong too. He can stand on his legs when you hold his arms for a few seconds. Even trying to walk up you.

Love to have the two boys together. They are both so cute yet so different. It will be lots of fun to watch them grow up. Parker reminds of a gentle giant. Brady not sure. Crazy like his brother probably. I still think Isabell will be the boss of them all!!!!!