Saturday, January 9, 2010


Abrahamson Christmas- in Pictures and Words!!!

     The A-TEAM  Alesha, Tressa, Melia & Erica

Erica and Alesha  Below- Above the 5 grandkids- Isabell(18 months), Brady (5 months),Peyton (2 1/2 yrs
,Madison (20 months), & Parker (5 1/2 months )

Christmas for the Abrahamsons went well. It is our favorite time of the year. Celebrating the birth of our Savior. We find celebrating with many decorations, lots of lights, family, many treats, foods, and gifts the best way to show our joy.

Alesha was home and the days leading up were full of cookie and candy making. One night we even made "rice crispy" treat houses and everyone decorated them. We watched lots of Christmas movies and wrapped lots of gifts. Our normal routine was changed as the Morgans spent Christmas eve in Morton celebrating Jesse's dads 60th birthday.

The rest of us had a nice turkey dinner with a few new dishes. it was weird to not have Tressa and Jesse there.
The next morning we did Santa Claus, had breakfast and opened gifts. By this time some of the kids where tired and back down for naps. So they opened their gifts later. It was a nice day. Just really different from years in the past. We added a ham to our Turkey left overs and had a nice feast with everyone

We tired to do some family pics' but, the kids were not very cooperative. And things really went south went Santa clause made an appearance.

The next day Jesse and Peyton headed back out to Morton. We did alittle shopping not much. Tressa was sick. Which was the theme for our Post Christmas week. Seems like some one was always not feeling good. Jesse ended up with strep throat. Bray and Peyton had runny noses and didn't seem to be feeling very well by New Year

Our New Years Party went pretty well considering everyone's health. Doug and I even made it to 12am and celebrated with the kids. Erica and Nate got really tired and headed out around 9:30pm. Which is pretty late for them.
We had a Mexican feast. And candy, dips and chips and pop for the evening. Kids played Wii- fit and twister and then other group games.

Doug and I watched "Wild Hogs" then we realized the New Year almost upon us. We had only mins. to grab classes, sparkling cider and try to prepare for a toast. Spencer's brother Austin suggested we pause the TV when it looked like we weren't going to make it. Something just didn't seem right with that picture. We did clang our glasses at midnight. Just in time!!!
We wish everyone a great 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

college grads, the #2, and Texas

The last month has kept as all busy and on our toes. Lets start with College grad.
Alesha graduated from BYU Dec. 10th. She is a cougar for life. For these accomplishments we are very proud of her. It has been a very long, hard road for her. This did not come easy or with out alot of extra work.
That kind of moves us into #2. Alesha's least favorite #. She has applied for lots of Teaching jobs in Utah, and has had a lot of interviews. So many, she doesn't even get nervous anymore. Of those many have resulted in call back interviews. And you guessed it. She always comes in #2. To someone with more experience. She even had one she came in #1. But, some people thought she is young and might leave in the middle of a year to get married or something. So they went with their #2. An older lady with kids in High school. I have been really excited for her, as most of these jobs have 40+ applicants. But, that doesn't pay the bills. She did get a 3 month long term sub job in a 4th grade class. This will give her the experience she needs and alittle better pay than a reg. sub. She starts Jan. 4th, so has spent alot of the break getting ready for her class.
Now on to Texas. As most people know Jesse and Tressa have lived here for 2 yrs. He is getting close to finishing his masters. So looking for another job and moving are two things they are starting to prepare for. A job for a controller in Plainsview TX opened up. They thought...very very long shot, but, lets get the resume update and ready for the spring. So he applied. Over time and interviews, even being flow to TX, Jesse was finally offered the job. We had been stressing and getting excited. trying to fiqure out how many airplane tickets a year we could afford. In the end the pay was not good. Not could for a controller in Cenex, not good for a controller in Plansview TX. So he said no. We felt a bit of disappointment for them as this could have been quite the adventure. Yet thrilled to have our little boys (Peyton and Brady) still close.