Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alesha's wedding

Alesha & Caleb were married on Aug. 5th at the Seattle Temple.  They day went really well and they were both sooo cute together. A few fun moments from the day and some photos to share.
Alesha & Caleb Price
Alesha's day started out with my friend Susan coming over at 6:30 am and doing her, Melia and Erica's hair.  Then we were off to the temple. We entered the sealing room first and once everyone was seated they brought them in together. They were both beaming.
After brief hugs, we all waited outside for them to come out. One of the funniest moments was the minute they came out of the doors, Isabell came running up to Caleb. She was really taken with him. She just wanted to be with him all the time. I think she may have thought SHE married Caleb. Every where the poor guy went, there was Isabell wanting him to hold her. It was cute!!! Though at times Alesha really did want to be with her new husband!!

We got some fun and cute pic's at the temple.

Then we went to Izzy's to eat. Caleb's parents were providing a luncheon for family. It was decorated really cute and his mom had fun photos of the two of them growing up around on the tables. M&M's kinda became the theme. Alesha loves plain M&M's and he loves Peanut Butter. So between his mom and me, we had LOTS!!
Traffic was worse than we thought it was going to be, and it made this event more rushed than we wanted. And with all the grandkids there- pretty crazy!!! Caleb's side does not have any grandkids yet. Caleb and his two brothers got married in the last year so their time is coming.
Next we moved on to the reception. We did a few more family photos.

Doug and Caleb's dad Reynold did a little ring ceremony and talked about the two of them. It was fun as they did not have a toast or anything were people could talk about them.
I don't have many photos from the Reception as Heidi Marshall took most of those for me. I haven't had time to get together with her to get the CD.
They did cut the cake.

We had a special groom cake made for Caleb. He loves the Cubs!
After lots of mingling with guest(and Brady throwing up) , they were ready to head to their hotel-The Red Lion in Olympia.
Doug and I got to enjoy a few hrs. of quality alone time as Caleb had left all, and I mean ALL his clothes, everything he packed for trip home and honeymoon in his dad's car back up at the temple. We wanted them to go relax and enjoy the rest of the evening so we headed back up to the temple to get his stuff. They headed to Shop-Ko to get him some clothes. He had to give the tux to his brothers to take back down to Utah..... so he really had nothing to wear. It will be one of those things they will laugh about alot down the road.
The next day Doug's family joined us for breakfast and just some fun visit time.
Alli holding Riley( 6 weeks old)
Molly came out and played restaurant w/ Peyton and Isabell. Was really cute.
Was really alot of fun and we really appreciate all of them taking the time to come all the way over for the wedding and then down for breakfast. We don't get to Spokane as much as we'd like anymore as our own children and grandchildren keep us soooo busy.
It should seem weird that all my kids are now married. Especially since this last one happened so fast.
But doesn't as much as I thought it would. Guess that means it was meant to be. It all just feels right.
 We are very happy to have Caleb as a part of our family and look forward to getting to know him better.