Sunday, May 22, 2011

look grandma -I gardening! & Melia's B-day take One

Yes, those were Peyton's words as he picked up the garden hose I had left turned on after giving Bailey a bath outside. He was so proud of himself as he stood there with the hose on, watering the lawn. He kept referring to it as gardening. He was gardening. he was so cute.
here he is spraying me!
Then I grab the water bottles I had bought at home depot( something I learned from Grandma A in Spokane) and introduce Peyton to water fights. he had a Blast. for a while he just wanted the garden hose so I attacked with two bottles.
He found the bottles were great for getting a drink of water from.

And later in the day he played w/ his grandpa and Isabell. He was very cute following Doug around with the lawn mower trying to squirt him.
Tressa generally grabs a chair so she can sit and watch the boys play.
  I've had the two boys here alot trying to help Tressa out as she gets bigger and in more pain. Her back is really bad. pain going down into her butt and legs and her pelvic-bone thing gets worse as the baby gets bigger.

   Brady just LOVES his cars. he loves to push them over things and on things. His favorite is pushing them over the arm of the couch. Outside he had 4 or 5 cars he would put into the big play car. then he would hop in w/ them and shut the door. then he'd throw all the cars out, one by one, and then he'd start all over. Funny boy.

  he loves the trampoline. especially when Peyton is not on it.

Now- for the birthday Party when my baby turned 21!!!
The big news really had to be the "birthday cake". We had fed the kids and were eating Calazones which Melia requested. All the kids were in the back playing nicely till someone discovered Parker on a stool by the Foosball table where I had put the chocolate cake. ( we had two, not everyone likes chocolate cake).

I think the picture says it all. Parker was a very happy boy the rest of the night.
The cake destroyer -AKA-Parker-All cleaned up and happy!

 Earlier in the day Doug had gone outside to finish rails on plaything. Isabell went with him and was climbing up the slide ......

Then she was falling. I didn't know I had caught the magic moment on the camera till I looked at them later!!! Peyton Loves to look at this photo. He thinks it's pretty funny.( Doug wanted everyone to know that Isabell was OK!!)
 And now for Ellie- because she is just so cute. She is almost 8 months old in photos and started actually crawling not to many days after these were taken.