Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Aunt Alesha with Madison and Peyton
Peyton & Madison ready for Santa
Isabell clapping ..glad it's Christmas eve!
Like most of Lewis County we were enjoying a wonderful white Christmas. Christmas Eve is our big celebration. This leaves Christmas day open for the kids to go to in-laws etc.We started the evening with a feast of ham and prime rib. The boys were pretty excited about the beef. Doug and Erica really missed having turkey. I'm betting we have Turkey next year.
Madison trying to bite(kiss) Isabell.Then it was time for some family photos while we had everyone together. The little ones ( Peyton especially) had a bit of a hard time with this. I think the photos speak for themselves.

The girls have started a new tradition of writing a new "12 days of Christmas" each year. This years' follows below. It was also the first year the girls did not do their famous(at our house anyway) "Alvin and the chipmunks" routine. It was kind of sad...but I guess they have to grow up sometime
An Abrahamson's
12 Days of Christmas
1. One house full of family
2.Two pregnant ladies
3. Three new family members
4. Four studying students
5. Five strapping males
6. Six foot super snowball
7. Seven Christmas scenes
8.Eight NSP workers
9. Nine smashed milk jugs
10. Ten months of waiting
11. Eleven snow flurries
12. Twelve family members
As we were getting ready for the reading of the Christmas story from the bible we had a surprise visitor, all the way from the North Pole. Almost everyone got a turn to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. And again Peyton was not to happy about a visit from Santa Claus. He could not get off his lap fast enough!!

Our Santa may have given himself away with the nice moccasins.

Madison and Isbell didn't seem to mind Santa. They both liked to pull his beard!

After that we opened some gifts, sent Peyton to bed,( He returned an hour later a much happier guy), ate some more and just had a good time.
Madison and Isabell had fun with their first presents. But, then they lost interest.

Nate-- an X-Box 360?!! COOL!
Jesse- I'm going to the Olympics!!!!
Isabell just sat happily in the middle of the floor all night
Peyton seemed to prefer the babies toys to his own.
Peyton up and happy after a short power nap.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday lots more snow

This is SO MUCH FUN!!
Carlisle Lake 12-21-08
Wow, the snow just keeps falling. Today Church was canceled because of the weather. We had huckleberry muffins for breakfast and watched alittle John Bytheway. Jesse played "Away in a Manger" on the key board while all of us musically challenged people sang along.
Then everyone bundled up to check out the new snow. We did some sledding on the bark pile. It worked really well. Doug and I walked over to the lake. It was alot of work in the deep snow.
Later he and Alesha put on the snow shoes and went back over. It started to snow really hard with big fluffy flakes. They said it was still alot of work with the snow shoes.
Doug has been busy shoveling. But, it just gets covered up again. We are looking at more snow tonight. We are enjoying being snowed in. But, I'm wondering if I'll ever get my christmas shopping finished. Thank goddness I have most of it done.
Here is a look at our sledding adventures
Madison 8 months enjoying the outdoors
Isabell getting dressed and ready to go outside.
Doug and Isabell
Tressa and Peyton


Madison and Erica

Doug helping Alesha and Madison Doug on a running start.

Kids enjoying the show.

Jesse trying a it snow boarding style.

Tressa ready to go....................

1st big snow

Well, after fearing we wouldn't get any snow this year, we now have a foot outside. As for most Lewis county people it started on Wed. and really hasn't stopped. In fact in all 20 some years we'ved lived here, this is the most and the most sustained period of snow we've ever had.We love it. Both Doug and I really miss the cold and snow of Spokane where we grew-up. I just hope it hangs around so we can have a white christmas. We are making the most of it, .. building a snowman, sledding, snowshoeing just enjoying it.
1st round of snow pic's Spencer after his 1st snow runALesha showing off the boys hard work. They were trying
to make the worlds largest snow ball.Peyton seems to like the snow.Alesha atop the school bark mound. She and Erica used it to sledon just like when they were little.Doug's sledding cutouts look more real on the real snow. Jesse, Tressa and Peyton building a snowmanFinshed product.Doug up on the roof fixing his santa biker guy.
Madison and Peyton going for a sledding ride. Wasn't too long
and they turned over and Peyton face planted in the snow. He was
scared of the sled after that.

Peyton trying to feed Madison some snow.Madison all smiles after playing in the snow.

Sledding behind Doug's car.

Melia and Tressa on a wipe-out.