Friday, July 27, 2012

June Trip up hwy 101

  We left a very rainy Onalaska on Monday June 18th 2012, to head south down I-5 to Crescent City CA. for our vacation up Hwy 101. It rained pretty hard at times till we got about an hour out of Grants Pass. Then weather changed to sunny with very few clouds.
   We stopped in Grants Pass to pick up some sunscreen at a Rite-Aid. An old fashioned one. The kind we used to like so much. Was fun. Then we hit up a Sonic for some happy hour 1/2 price drinks. Non-Alcoholic of course. We had some cherry and Raspberry Lime-aides!! Ah -so good!
   We stopped at a Redwood visitor center, was closing but got a little info. Then on to Crescent City.

   We arrived at our Hotel "The Light House Inn" around 5:45. It was pretty nice. Clean, really friendly, firm but comfortable beds, fun Lobby. Would definitely stay there again!
Below some pic's of Motel.

Not sure what the blue's brother guy is about.
 I had decided that I wanted this to be a fun vaca, but I also wanted to focus on eating good and trying to get 2 to 3 miles of walking in.

  So by 6:pm we were off exploring the town. We started at the bay/Harbor and headed to light house.

1st of many light house we would see or visit.
 Last two photos are of view from light House looking out.
Then headed back to our hotel. Stopped 1/2 way back and ate dinner at 7:15pm at Apple(something) restaurant.
Was good food. Nothing fancy.
     Finished the walk back to hotel. After clocking some of it with the car next day, we walked 3.5 to 4 miles !!! And I felt it when I got up Tues. morning.