Monday, October 24, 2011

The Miller's-" For time & All Eternity"

Last week was very special for our family. Erica and Nate took out their endowments( covenants and promise with God) at the Portland Temple on Thursday.

 Boy, did they look great in white. It was a very very special time. Erica and Nate are our last children to do so. Nate was very emotional and bore a wonderful testimony to us all on the way home. I wish I could remember all he said. It made me realize I'm going to have to step it up a notch or two to keep up with him spiritually. He is really amazing. Erica couldn't have picked a finer husband. He is so committed to his family and excelling in all that he does.

Parker kept point up to the angel Moroni that the temple worker had shown him,
through the glass ceiling.
  Then on Sat. we went back and they were sealed as a couple and family for time and all eternity. Again it was a very special time for our whole family. Alesha and Caleb flew up for the big event.
That was the other great part of last week. They were here Thurs. to Sun. It was wonderful to see and spend time with them also. Grandma Connie drove over Hermiston to the share the day with us all.
All the Family at the Temple!
Madison ( 3.5 yrs) and Parker (2yrs) were so adorable in white.
Parker giving his sister a kiss and a hug.
When they came into the sealing room, Parker kept saying Papa, Papa. He was glad when he could finally run in to his papa's arms. Madison is just more shy and she was here too. Pic's were hard, except for the two of them together!!
  It will be fun to watch as all my children and grandchildren grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ, as they continue to serve and learn of him.
   I bear testimony to the truthfulness of the restored gospel and the precious ordinances of the temple that seal and link us to our loved ones forever.
Outside the temple before we headed to Olive Garden.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

white walls

phase two of remodel. get rid of wall paper. Now I have white walls. primer! Today i will apply the paint.  Then hopefully it will be  big improvement.
Then on to the kitchen. I'll wait till Alesha heads home to tackle that.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

kids say the darnest things

Tressa had to take Brady up to the U of W for Autism testing and I'm watching Peyton( who is 4 yrs old). As, I'm leaving for work I want to make sure he understands I'm leaving and Melia is in charge.

Me: Peyton , grandma has to leave and go to you understand
Peyton: OK I'll take care of Melia, Isabell and Ellie.

Me and Melia :laugh!!!!!!