Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brady William Morgan

Brady William Morgan arrived at 3:30am on July 27 2009. All went well. Below is a couple of photos. See Tressa's blog in the next couple of days for the full story and many more photos.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My wife is a miracle worker!

It's official, Dee Dee is a miracle worker. With the coming of Parker she was in full mother mode taking care of Erica, Nate and Madison. On Tuesday Dee and Tressa went to get Erica and Parker from the hospital plus Tressa had a Dr. appt. Being the Grandad that I am of course I offered to watch Peyton and Madison. Melia was working that day so I said adding Isabell would be no problem after all they were just grabbing her from the hospital and would be home. Yeeeaaah.
Camp Grandpa was ready to roll. We listened to some good ole 60's music so they can dance and show off their moves. Isabell combined the Isabell wiggle with the moonwalk (in honor of Young Michael Jackson) of course she forgot to clear the floor behind her. After the dancing it was outside to pick the blueberries which are just starting to come on. I figured there was about a cereal bowl full of berries ready to go and we would have some around to snack on during the day. I sorely under estimated my picking crews munching abilities. I was never able to accumulate any berries before my helpers emptied my bowl.

With all the outside activities done it was time for lunch. This went surprisingly well, Isabell was in the booster chair, Madison in the highchair and Peyton stood on a chair all within arms reach of me. They chowed down their Mac and Cheese so well I even got two bites in. Isabell barely made it through lunch when I started losing her to sleep so down she went for her nap. The other two needed a little play time before they would go down. Off to the kitchen we ran to make dinner for Erica and Nate. By the time I got their dinner prepared and cooling down the other two were ready to go down. Ahhhhh nap time, time to recoup, time to catch my breath, time to start our dinner for the night but no, it was time for Isabell to wake up.Now it's one o'clock and no relief party coming yet, I still have work to do outside. Isabell likes to be read to, repeatedly. of course the 10th reading of the little kids books gets a bit old, but not to her. Just when I think she is ready to get down and play so I can get to the 2nd dinner the other two wake up. Now it's diaper changing time. I imagine the parents were expecting me to put the right size diaper on the right child but a one size fits all would be much more convenient to me. I did the right thing and put the right size on each child. Still no relief party, how long could it take to get from the hospital.

By the third call home to tell me they wouldn't be coming home I was putting Dee Dee on speaker phone so she could hear the kids in the background begging to be pick up or read to or whatever else they needed. The ladies eventually came home the kids were all okay, I was okay. So what makes my wife a miracle worker? She did this same thing with about the same age kids everyday with our kids. Tressa was 17 months when the twins were born, so she had 3 years of three little kids to take care of and she did it remarkable well. She did it like all mothers do who love their kids and want the best for them. Its the fact that she didn't shoot me when I got home from work to tell her what a tough day I had with 16, 17 & 18 years old is what makes her the miracle worker.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Summer time gives me an opportunity to do some different things like taking pictures for NSP and working on projects around the house, or more accurately outside the house. In both cases I get a lot of time to think about things especially life.

Around my place most things were at one time something else. Some might call it indecisive about what I want to do, others might say I'm cheap, me I like to think of it as allowing everything to have an extended lifespan. I once told Dee Dee no piece of wood has fulfilled its destiny until it has been at least two different things. These changes are a reflection of the changes in our lives.

Now somethings I haven't changed in 30 plus years. I still listen to the same type of music and in many cases the actual same music. I still love movies and don't mind going by myself. My hair is the same and my clothes would be but my girls won't let me get away with that. I don't feel like I've changed much at all yet there are some differences. It used to be in the summer I would get up in the morning and look out at the water to see if it would be a good skiing day. Now I get up early to water my plants then start to work on a project. If I time things right I will be done with the watering in time to get Peyton out of bed and spend part of the morning with him. On a really great day Madison and Isabell (now Parker as well but you have to stand in line to get him) will be here. Before I wanted some one to drive the boat and someone to be a spotter, so that is one change.

Around the place my projects have changed. I took the deck off the roof and reusing the boards to build a deck on the side of the house for the kids to play on. What had originally started off as grass became my serenity garden when the girls all hit their teenage years, I figured I could use some peace and tranquility with 4 daughters, now I'm sifting out all the colored rock to make a grand kid garden instead. These our the changes of my life, I guess I'm like that wood I need to be more than one thing to fulfill my destiny. It's either that or I'm just working real hard to keep myself off the burn pile.

senior things

I have been a wanting to get some thoughts out but haven't had the time to sit down until now. So Chapter 1- Senior things

My duties expanded a bit this year to include Senior advisor or graduation advisor, I prefer to look at it as Senior advisor. It was one of the most interesting years I have had for a while.

I now take care of most things involving the Seniors and as such get a chance to get the know the kids real well. It was fun getting to know what this group of kids wanted to do in life and in some cases encouraging them to have some kind of a dream to shoot for. From meeting with the interested parents last August to practicing for graduation and all parts in between the year was a blast. The whole year had me thinking how long can I put off retirement and not how soon can I retire. The job is just to much fun to quit it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Parker-- 3 to 4 days Old

Parker spent the night last night to give Erica a chance to catch-up on her sleep. Here are a few photos of his day #3. A few of the photos I snapped in the middle of the night after changing him.
So far he has been a really good baby. Only cries when hungry. Mostly just sleeps, eats and poops. he seems very content. We still do not see his eyes alot. Everyday he seems more alert.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parker- 12 hours old

As most everyone knows from Tressa's blog or from phone calls "Parker Nathan Miller was born Monday July 13, 2009 at 6:02 am. Erica's labor and delivery was all pretty smooth. He popped out after only 20 mins. of pushing. Erica did not look like a woman who just gave birth. She continues her quick recovery... only the after birth cramping and lack of sleep that is bothering her too much.
Here are some photos we took of him and family Monday night when we were all their celebrating and having pizza. Parker was 12 to 13 hrs old. (this should make you happy Alesha!)

Boys preparing to change a diaper. (guess it is a two man job!!)
Peyton giving Parker a kiss!

The whole family-Nate,Erica, Madison and Parker.

Madison finally gave Parker a kiss. He doesn't seem to happy about it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Madison is Walking

Yesterday Madsion took her first steps!!! She is 15 months old so we are all pretty excited about this. Now Erica will have a true toddler to chase around, in addition to dealing a new born. (if he ever decides to make his appearance into this world.)

Madison seems pretty happy about this walking stuff!!