Friday, April 27, 2012

The Morgans came for dinner

It's always fun to see what kids will think of when parents are talking, enjoying themselves and leaving the kids to their own devices.

  First off we have Riley just being cute and hanging with Grandpa.
Then we heard lots of noise and laughter from back bedroom. Good. They are having fun.  Later Isabell came to tell us they had put all the blankets and pillows on the floor and were jumping off the top bunkbed to the floor. well, this we had to see.

  It was more like sliding off the top bunk on their bottoms and dropping to the pile they had made. Once they each jumped standing up. But, they never tried it again. I think they still hit the floor a bit. But, they sure had fun!
                                                I believe this is the one were Isabell did the standing jump!

                                                         Peyton Dropping to the pillows!
And for Peyton to think this through and come up with ideas ( hard to say who had the most input on this grand idea) is really great.

After awhile Brady wanted to join them. He had been enjoying some Hi-Ho cherry O with Ellie. Or really just playing with the apples.

 He perfered the hanging over the edge and dropping down method.
Then Peyton and Isabell thought it would be fun to crawl on crib, Peyton decided to join his little sister Riley, who we put in the crib to protect her from someone jumping on her.

It was a fun crazy night. We had Calazones. and Oreos. spent most of our time chasing kids around. And ended the evening with the 4 oldest playing with the tubs of beans in the family room. tarp didn't really get put down very well, and Brady doesn't seem to have a concept of boundaries anyway. he'd fill something up with dried beans and then throw /dump them all over the place. But, kids seem to have fun. Melia and I got out the brooms and swept the carpet( yes this really worked) to clean up most of it.
Sorry no pic's.
  Should have another blog up soon ( for you Alesha) with Gymnastics and Dance!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sunny day

The sun was finally shining on Sat. It was soo nice, on my way home from work I stopped and picked up Peyton. He loves to come to our house and Isabell is so good for his social skills.
  At first Peyton really didn't want to be outside. We figured out latter that the sun was really bothering him. I tried to find a hat.
  But Peyton found this one all on his own. Guess I need to go hat shopping! Winter hats on a warm day can be tough. But he is cute!

Isabell and Ellie enjoyed the outside alot! Isabell had fun covering her feet with sand. We clean up the sand box and she was the first to play in it this year.

                         Later in the afternoon as I was weeding in front of the house I found a??
Salamander thing or a Newt. The kids enjoyed it. We put in a tub with water and rocks and it swam around.  Later we were all talking and the kids playing on the side lot. Melia went to check on Ellie and she had the poor thing in her hand, holding very tight to it! Afraid it might die we let it go before bed time.