Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and christmas tree farm

Wow, I'm so far behind in blogging. Guess that means I've been busy living life and haven't had time to write about it. This will be lthe first of a couple of blogs to appear over the next couple of days.
  Thanksgiving for us was pretty mellow. Alesha was not able to come home as a bad storm was moving into Salt Lake and canceling flights. So that made it really weird. Tressa (who is expecting again) is in that part where she is soooo sick. We ate and relaxed. Then at midnight Tressa and I went out to check out xmas sales. Was pretty much a bust. All the outlets have better prices on a normal day. Nothing worth staying up late for. We did find some good deals at wal-mart. though our first stop there was so crazy we just left and came back about 3am and still got everything we wanted with out having to wait in lines for over an hour. This pretty much wiped Tressa out for the rest of the weekend. Melia and Spencer went out around 3 or 4 am and I think had a good time. Erica and Nate went out in the morning.

Madison was not too excited about the train ride out to the trees.
  On Sat. The Miller family headed to a Tree farm in Lacey, out toward Yelm, that we had gone to for Halloween. I got to go with them as family photographer/ grandkid wrangler!

It was really fun. They were alittle disappointed. With all the activities going on at Halloween they had hoped for something similar. They still had the goats and gift shop, but not much else. We rode on a train like thing pulled by a tractor. ( horses would have been cooler) to take us out to a area where they could saw down a tree.
The Miller family Christmas tree.
Didn't seem to take them too long to find one they liked and could agree on. It had rained the night before and though most of the experience was lost on Parker and Madison.... they LOVED the MUD puddles!!! I think the photos say it al

Parker splashing in the mud!
Parker and Madison running through the puddles!! So cute!

Nate Laughing at Parker getting all muddy!

Erica and Madison being cute!