Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandpa time with Brady and Isabell

I got to enjoy some time with my little bud Brady.  He was very helpful all day long with the various activities that we had going. 
First we started the day with some pancakes because I know the boys love to have pancakes.
Next we went to work on the play/Christmas train.  Brady was putting the pressure on me to get some more done on it so he could play with it
In between helping with the painting Brady thought to explore the kitchen to see if all was in its proper place.  We had been dancing to some good classical music earlier in the day with his favorite being "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" by John Denver. he figured it was time to do a little sweeping so he kindly provided an opportunity.

Around noon of Saturday Isabell came to hang out for a few days.  She was quite excited about the Disney figures for the train and said so " I'm so excited", sounds real cool coming from a two year old.

Monday night she was ready to help me paint.  She did some on the board,
 then used me as the paint to do some play painting.
 All was real cute and good until the fly came around and Isabell started jabbing at it while holding a paint brush and on one jab put the wooden end in my eye.  I think I will be able to keep the eyeball and the sight but it was a close call.

Melia got in a fair amount of painting while she was here and Tressa added some on Tuesday. My goal is to have the first car done by the end of Sept. and then build the Engine in Oct. ready to have them both out there for Nov.  Will have to see if I can get it done or not.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ellie Lynn Hunt is the 6th

6th grandchild that is. Melia has been complaining for the last few weeks that she wanted to get this baby out. Well 4 days before her due date ( same as Isabell) she did. Sept.4th at 5:13 am she made her appearance.

 All went well, expect for the lack of sleep all of us got. Tressa was the coach on this one.
I had called Erica to see if  she wanted a ride up with me. But, she said no. She thought I was Alesha for a while. I have no idea why she would think Alesha was going to the hospital and wanted to know if she wanted a ride. ( she is in Utah right now) Turns out her allergies had been acting up and she had taken Benyadal and was pretty out of it. The next morning she just thought she had a dream. ( though she wished she could have been there).
  I have been witness to all 6 of my grandchildren being born and feel very blessed.  It is such a wonderful experince to watch them come into the world.
    I finally crashed in an empty room ( the one Melia was going to be moving into) for an hour. But, that was it for sleep. Around 9am Spencer's Mom and family showed up with Isabell.  Erica, Nate and family came also.

Isabell getting her first look at Ellie
Isabell & her grandmama(spencer's mom) with Ellie
Isabell seemed alittle confused. But after a while where ever Ellie was, she would be close at hand watching her.

 I had stayed because I wanted to see her first reactions to Ellie. Then Tressa and I headed home for sleep.
Peyton and Brady were at our house. So I didn't really ever get much sleep.
  Around 4pm we headed back up to the hospital. Picked up some Papa Johns ( how Melia celebrates the birth of a baby) and grandpa got his first look at little Ellie Lynn. The middle name is after me and I feel quite honored!!!
  Tressa and Jesse were there, and Erica and Nate came also. Then Melia had an unexpected guest- Carissa Gifford and her girls stopped by!
Erica& Ellie & Madison, who tried to get away as fast as she could.
It didn't take Madison & Isabell long to find the bed for some good old fashion jumping!

Clarissa and Ellie

The Hunts
  We all headed home hoping to get some sleep.
Sunday I took Isabell back up to spend some time with her mom and Ellie (Spencer had to work). We got there around 5pm and stayed till 8pm. I think Isabell enjoyed just being in the same room with her mom.
She seemed good with Ellie and whenever Melia or the nurse was doing something with her she would go watch very intently. Isabell has been very tired and feel asleep on the way home. Changed her diaper, put her jammies on,  put her in bed and she really never fully woke-up!!
  I'm ready for the next exciting chapter in our lives with a new grandchild.
Ellie 3 days old
Welcome to the Family " Ellie Lynn Hunt".

Ellie 1 day old

Ellie Lynn Hunt 3 days old