Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Parker & Brady etc

It's been quite a while since I've done an update on these two little guys. Parker is now 10 months old. he crawls, pulls himself up to standing, is smiling & laughing more all the time.
 Brady is 9.5 months old. crawling , pulling himself up, even taking some steps. with such alittle body he doesn't have much weight to hold up.
  I decided that since I am a photographer, I should take some pic's of the grandkids. Setting the studio up is kind of a pain. So I put it up and decided to leave it for a few weeks. Then whenever the kids came over I could try to get some pic's. With Isabell try would be a good word. As for Madison,with the help of her mom we did get a few, a very few. It's like she knew what we wanted and she'd get all stubborn(wonder where she gets that?) and cry. Peyton was just as bad as Isabell. With the help of Grandpa I finally had some success with Brady, 1st try was bad. Parker has been my true success story. he's a gentle giant. He sits pretty good and has done really well. Following are some shots from my shoots. I even got a semi descent pic of Brady and Peyton together.
I just love being a grandmother. These little people are so special to me. I love to spend time with them. and love it when they decide to cuddle.


   Peyton-3yrs & Brady-  9.5 months

A few of Madison-(2yrs Old)

This is the best I could do with Isabell (23 months), she was OK when she thought we weren't really taking pictures.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

posting again

I have finally found a few moments to post blogs. Just put up 3 new ones so read away. One is about Alesha, One Isabell and one about changes in our lives. Look for more in the next few weeks. Brady and Parker have changed so much. I'll be doing an update with photos. Plus who knows what else.

empty Nest??

                              Tressa & Jesse's house is the yellow one- Nate & Erica the blue one.
I have been meaning to give a update on the changes in our lives over the past few months.
   The first Part of March saw Tressa & Jesse and Ercia & Nate purchased homes in Chehalis , right next to each other. I think most of the time they really enjoy that. They have dinner together and can send kids back and forth. The Morgans just got a used pool table they put in their garage. I would imagine Jesse and Nate are going to have lots of fun with that!
   As for me and Doug, It was hard...kind of a bitter sweet thing. We were looking forward to having a little more time for our own pursuits and just alittle more time for just the two of us. But, we miss the evenings of sitting and chatting with them and of course the two boys. We had gotten pretty attached to them, with them  living here. 
  We have been helping Melia out since the first of April with Isabell so Melia can finish her schooling. They( Melia and Isabell) stay here  Sunday through Wed. Though with Spencer race schedule and the fact that Melia's one bedroom  musty smelling apt. makes her sick, her and Isabell have been here for the whole week sometimes. The good news for them and us is they found a 3 bedroom home in Centralia and will be moving in the middle of May. They are only 10 mins or less from Tressa and Erica which will  be nice.
   There have been a few nights that Doug and I have had the house to ourselves. It kind of feels like a vacation. It's nice but, the quiet is weird. It really seems lonely when I go down stairs to lock up the house and it is all empty. I not sure I can ever get use to that. ( Doug insures me I will). Just seems like someone should be sleeping down stairs
   Well,  there is so much I could write. Mostly I'm happy to have the kids buy their first house and though I miss them I know in the long run it's best for everyone. I can stop by and see 4 of the grandkids at one time. But, I do miss the more one on one time I get with Isabell and use to have with Peyton and Brady.
Erica is flying down to see Alesha and drive home with her in June. We are going to get to have Parker spend a number of days with us and I'm really looking forward to it!!!
 Doug and I are slowing learning  how to function with it being just the two of us here. I have to admit sometime I really enjoy it!! But, I also enjoy it whenever the kids or grandlkids are here.
  We will have a few weeks all to ourselves then Alesha will come home the 2nd week of June and stay till the end of July. So... maybe in Aug. we will be true empty nesters??? We'll see. No matter what happens or who lives with us.We feel very blessed for the family we have. And are glad that we have been in a position to help them out and hope to continue the trend as needs arise.

Alesha got a job!!!

We are so excited!!! Alesha was offered a one year contract in Nebo School district ( Spanish Fork, Utah, just south of Provo) teaching 4th grade. She will continue with the classroom she was a permanent sub for this past winter and spring. They have been really happy with her. They are only offering one year contracts due to state budget worries. But she is really excited and we are very proud of her. She has worked so hard to get her self to this point. She really stood out in school. Especially with her student teaching. Her mentors at BYU where very impressed and have really helped her get her foot in the door with a number of school districts. And Alesha has put in sooooo many long work days since she got this job. She will be home for part of June and July and then head back to Utah the first of Aug to get her school room ready for the coming year!!!

song books

Isabell is such a fun and funny little girl. At church today she would grab a song book and balance it on her little legs sitting on her mom's lap, then she work look at her dad and say "daddy book" and jester towards the song books. Then she would do the same thing to Doug and I saying ( grandma and papa) then once we all had our song books open she would would say " here we go!" it was so cute. she liked it when we turned the pages and appeared to be reading from them. after a while she would put her book back and get a drink of milk. We would put ours back too. Then she would start the whole thing all over again. I think we went through this scenario 4 or more times during sacrament she was so cute and adamant about us all having a song book opened.
We will miss her when she doesn't live here anymore. Just glad she will be alittle closer.