Friday, October 22, 2010

Train updates

It all sounded so simple in my mind.  I'll build a train the grandkids can play on and make it a Christmas decoration also.  The structure seemed simple in my head, 4 walls a couple of windows the kids could look out.  Throw in a couple of benches to sit on an- presto chango- it's a train.  Oh, maybe add a couple of Disney characters to it just for fun.  Well 51 of those Disney characters and about 120 hours of work later I'm starting to get close to being done with the first of the 4 cars I was planning for the train. 
It doesn't look like I will get to the engine this Christmas season but hopefully in the Spring.

  Alesha was up for a few days and helped to get some of the work done ,and put the completed wall on.  It was after we got that on I noticed I had been a little distracted the day I built the bench support system for they were on the wrong side of the train.  The grandkids were out the day. I was working on the benches and they were playing on the train except, for Brady who wandered over to the pond and went and sat down in it.  I was trying to stay out of the their way in playing and put the benches in the wrong place.  Oh well ,now we have shelves.

The next parts of the train will probably have fewer figures on them for I have learned my lesson.  Sort of, for now I 'm thinking of a village of small structures the kids could play in.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ellie Lynn Hunt - update

Ellie 2 weeks old
Ellie Lynn was 4 weeks old on Sat. She has grown so much.

Ellie  3.5 weeks old
She is really aware of people and where you are.She'll turn her head to where ever you are. Melia said she did a real smile for her.
 Isabell is just adorable with her sister.

She loves to lay by her and snuggle. She always asks if Ellie is awake.If she is, Isabell gets really excited. I had them both upstairs the other day and Isabell covered them both up with her blanket and they just looked at each other. It was soooo cute!!!
Below are a few more pic's of her. she looks alittle like Isabell, but has her own look too!