Monday, October 27, 2008

The Green Shirt

I just had to post Nate's green shirt. It has quite the story behind it.
Seems he came home from the bowling alley wearing a different shirt than when he left.
His wife-Erica, inquired if he had stopped at Goodwill on his way to the bowling alley. (Nate LOVES goodwill)
He said no. Seems he saw a guy wearing this shirt. Liked it, and offered one of his extra bowling balls to the guy if he gave it him. So they traded a bowling ball for a shirt!!!!!!

I just thought it was too FUNNY!! Who does stuff like that? Nate I guess. We do love him and all his uniqueness!.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visit from the Eastside Abe's

Molly and Isabell ( 4 1/2 months)

Peyton trying to give Cameron a hug!
We got a visit on Saturday from Doug's nieces Monica and Molly and their kids and Donnie-Monica's husband.
They were taking a little weekend trip to check out the Great Wolf Lodge in Rochester and came by to say Hi!! Was really great to see them all. Both boys, Cameron and Dillon, were so big and grown up. Dillon was pretty shy. Cameron warmed up pretty quickly and loved eating beans off of Doug's plate
We had made them a quick dinner of B-Que Hamburgers etc. and some frosted brownies.

We got to see Monica and Donnie's new litttle baby Allison. She is 6 weeks old. And so cute!!!
That was probably the best part. We were afraid we might not get to see her till next summer and she would have been almost one.
The 3 boys did OK. You can tell Dillon and Cameron spend alot of time together. They would watch out for each other.

Dillon, Cameron (19 months) & Peyton (17 months)
Cameron got pretty attached to a blow-up pumpkin we we let him take it with him!
Mostly was just really great to see some family and catch-up.( check tressa blog for more info.)

Molly and Madison (almost 7 months)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

for Alesha

Alesha has been bugging me to see this pic of Madsion in her Halloween Costume as a Snowman. it is pretty darn cute!!! Here you go Alesha.

The snowman probably reminds Alesha a bit of her Family Home Evening activity last Monday where they went sledding down hill ( on grass not snow) on blocks of ice. She said it was a blast!! Her butt was a bit cold... but, fun. Guess we will have to have her teach us all the fine art of 'Ice block" sledding when she comes home for Thanksgiving.

Cool School

Stadium High School- Tacoma, WA

I get to travel alot for my job. There isn't much of Western Washington
I haven't seen. OK ...It seems that way sometimes. But, last Thursday I got to go to the coolest High School ever! Stadium in Tacoma. If you've never seen it before you may recognize it from the movie "10 things I hate about you".

It looks like a castle, that sits on a hill over looking the Puget Sound! It's pretty awesome looking. When talking to some of the kids they complained about all the stairs they had to climb inside and out. Everyone there seemed to be in pretty good shape! And yes, I got to climb up all those stairs that the late Heath Ledger sang and danced on!

This is the main entrance really does look like a Castle!

the dishwasher!

After returning from Hermiston, our dishwasher started acting up. Doug kept trying to fix it. And his little buddy (or shadow) Peyton was always on hand trying to help. It was really cute when Doug was on the floor looking underneath the dishwasher and Peyton climbed right in between his arms and sat down. Later he did the same thing on his tummy. I'm sure he had some great input for his grandfather. But, no matter how hard they tried the two of them could not fix it. So today I bought a new one!

Finally an update!!

Finally an Abrahamson update. I've been chastened more times than I can count about not updating more often. I am trying to do better.
The last couple of weeks have been busy ones. The week before last started with frantic phone calls from my brother and sister about my mom having had a Heart Attack. I was set to head to Richland ( my mom lives in Hermiston, Or). Then when I finally talked to her she didn't think she'd had a heart attack ( we found out later she really did) and seemed to be doing good. I finally went over on Wed. and my sister flew in from Wisconsin. We met up with my two brothers and other sister in Richland later that day.

Over all my mom seemed to be doing pretty good except for her heart rate starting going up and all over the place. So me and my little bros and sisters ( I'm the oldest) spend most of the day watching her heart rate on a monitor. The nurse kept telling us that within 2 hrs it would go into sinus( which is a normal rate and rhythm). 3 medications later and many hours it was better but not normal. it was bouncing around from the 80's to the low 120's. And she was just sitting in bed.

She had requested a priesthood blessing from her bishop. Not more than 15 or so minutes after the blessing her heart returned to normal and as of this writing is doing fine. We all count it a great blessing from the Lord.

Her condition is called primsmetal (sp?). It's rare and with medications shouldn't be to much of a problem for her.

My family- Scott ( the baby), Me -Dee Dee( the oldest), Mark, Christy & Shelley ( the Middle) and my mom -Connie.

Though not the best way to have a family reunion.....the time spent with my brothers and sisters was the best. We are spread out in age. I was 16 when my youngest brother was born. Those two days in Richland and Hermiston were probably the most time the 5 of us had spent together since I lived at home and Mark and Scott were 2 and 4 yrs old. You can imagine the stimulating converstions we had back then.

I look forward to spending way more time with my brothers and sisters. And getting to know them better in the coming months and years. We've let far to much time go by. They are some of the coolest people I know!!!! And I mean that.

And my Mom is doing really well. Tired and I think getting a little bored. but over all doing well.
Isabell and Madison checking each other out!

On the home front Tressa got a chance to see just how much fun it would be to have twins and a 17th month old as she had to babysit Madison & Isabell along with Peyton. Probably explains me being left with Peyton and Isabell most of the day on Friday, while she and Melia enjoyed a day out and shopping!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

the weekend

Weekends around here in Sept. generally mean early mornings and tired Sunday's. Most everyone works for NSP the photography co. I work for. This Sat was no exception. Everyone but Melia and Spencer went to Everett with Doug and I to help shoot over 150 youth soccer teams!! It was a long day..a bit wet. But we all made good money so that makes it worth it.
Most everyone but me will have a bit of a break till state tournaments start in Nov.

We spent Sunday a bit sleepy after getting up at 4am the day before. But, we did manage to watch both sessions of General conference. ( OK Doug watched both...I fell asleep through part of the second one.) and Doug even made some jelly from the grapes we have in our yard. He is really quite an amazing guy. There is not much he can not do!

Jesse , tressa and Peyton went down to Portland to watch a lady in our ward run a marathon. Seems they all had a good time despite the rain.

Spencer had a big XC meet on Sat. down in Salem OR. He did pretty well and seemed happy about his run.

Alesha is keeping busy down in Utah. Mostly with school work. She did find time to go to a big haunted house yesterday in Salt lake and really enjoyed it
. Alesha (on the right) and her friend Johanna dressed up for haunted house!

Madison had her 6 month check up and is in the 30% for height and weight and hasn't really grown very much since her 4 month check up. But Dr. thought she was doing really well.
She eats solid foods and just loves them!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

1st blog

I thought Tressa's blog was sooo cool and I am not as good at keeping in touch with family and friends as I'd like so thought I'd try a blog.

Mine and Doug's day to day life is generally not to exciting, but with the addition of Tressa, her husband Jesse and their son Peyton ( The Morgan's) and Melia, her husband Spencer and their Baby Isabell (The Hunt's) things here are pretty crazy. I'm getting to relive all the baby firsts and the toddler craziness. I swear Peyton is like having triplets all in one person at a time. He is so smart, but always in motion!!! He doesn't slow down for much. Food and Sesame Street.

Hopefully as I add posts you will be able to catch on to what we are doing and where we are in our lives right now.