Thursday, January 19, 2012

18 inches of snow!!!!

Here we go with round two. Hopefully I can get everything straight. All the snow days have run together in my mind and I can't remember which day is which.
  We'll start with Tues. Spencer had headed up to Olympia the day before just in case he had school.
 We spent a quiet morning watching it snow and looking at the temps, hoping it would be cold enough for the snow to stay.  Around 3pm Tressa showed up with her gang. We had planned on having Heidi over for dinner. She was worried about the roads later, so took a rain check. I'd promised calazones and so I delivered on that. I'd also invited Peyton to spend the night. Spending time with Isabell is better than $100"s of dollars of therapy for the boy. And, Isabell had wanted someone to play with her in the snow. As the evening went on and with the snow, Tressa decided to just spend the night.
  Doug took Peyton and Isabell outside at night to play. They had so much fun. It was dark, so not many good pic's.

 I had given them some little flash lights since it was dark. They loved it. They'd throw them in the snow. We had 4 plus inches and then they'd follow the light and dig through the snow to find them.
Doug also took them sledding. We held up the flash lights so they could see where they were going. The temp was dropping and snow was getting a bit of a crust on top. Was a fun evening.
    The really big snow fall started around midnight.  We woke  to 18 inches of snow.

This is what the snowman that Melia and Spencer built looked like.
Peyton and Isabell Just couldn't wait to get out in the snow. They threw on their rain boots and headed out in their Jammies!

Melia had been a bit worried and concerned about our extreme weather. We had 1 1/2 gallons of milk. She was worried this was not enough.  Her and Tressa thought driving might be tough in all the snow and wanted a bit of an adventure. So they pulled out the snow shoes and headed the 1 mile walk to store.
They were pretty happy before they started!
Tressa getting use to walking in the snowshoes.

You can see Tressa's blog for a full account of there journeys in the wilderness. She did forget to mention  all the cars at Brenda's store, and the people who laughed at them. But, I think they had fun ( and sore muscles). and we had lots of milk.
around 11am the miller family showed. no one wants to spend a snow day alone!!
The weather wasn't the best. it lightly rained on and off all day temps climbed to 36. So it wasn't as fun to play in as the day went on. They made the best of the time they had, as shown by the following photos
 Fort building

 Parker doesn't go anywhere with out his cars, which he carries with him in a Dora case. The snow was too deep for him. Right out the front door he got stuck. He didn't stay out for too long

 Oops! Lost one!

Spent the rest of the day with kids napping, watching movies just hanging out.
Sadly the temp just kept going up. Doug got another day off of school on Thurs. As roads were  a slushy mess. Still have 4 or 5 inches of snow. But it's a wet mess. I had to put the truck in 4-wheel drive just to get out of our drive way. No fun snow play today. Doug has a 2 hr late start on Friday. Tough work week for him.


This a two part series on our 4 snow days.
Isabell hanging on to Ellie for their first sledding ride.
The first big snow of the season hit Sat, Sun.& Mon On Monday I ended up having to drive all the way to Des Monies by Sea-tac for a job at 10am. I was worried, but roads ended up being just fine. Then Doug and I met up at Tressa's and hit K-mart for some 90% of Christmas trees and paper etc.
Then we head home to enjoy the snow, It was just us and the Hunt family to start with. On Sunday  Melia and Spencer took the girls outside for some family fun. Then Doug joined them for sledding rides and fort building, I Took pic's and work on some inside stuff.
Isabell was more interested in eating the snow than holding on to her sister.
Ellie being cute and eating snow

The finished snowman. Ellie trying to dance with it like Isabell did ( See Melia's blog)
Then the Morgans and Millers joined us for a late B-day Party for Nate. Big 27!
Ok, so this isn't a snow picture.  but they are CUTE! And these two didn't get outside and enjoy the snow too much.

Then the big boys with Doug, Peyton, Madison and Isabell went out in the dark to enjoy the snow.
They really are happier than they look. Just didn't want to stop having fun to pose for me???
Madison loved to make snow angels!
Jesse and Peyton  having fun.

 That's it for the first snow day. Look for our next blog which will cover Tues and Wed.