Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alesha, Caleb & the Mariners

Alesha is engaged!!! Yes, we are going to be marrying off our last daughter Aug. 5th at the Seattle LDS Temple with a ring ceremony and reception in Olympia later that day.
They haven't know each other too long but, they both feel they are right for each other. His Name is Caleb Price. We got to meet him for the first time at a Mariners baseball game on June 14th.

 It was Autism awareness night, so it seemed like a good excuse to go to a Mariners game.
We had alot of fun. Nate had to work late, so we ended up taking Peyton and Madison to their very first pro baseball game.
 Madison  and Peyton. They went through a lot of food!
Erica took the kids to the play area some which helped. We also bought lots of food. Over all they did really good. We all got our free Autism T-shirts!
everyone after the game ended!
 I hit some of the Autism booths and got some good info for Peyton. Madison loved the Mariner moose. She would get so excited whenever she would see him. Peyton kept an eye on the moose too. but, I think he was making sure the moose kept his distance. He told us he was scared of the moose.
     After meeting Caleb he came back to our home for a few days to get to meet all the family.
 We really enjoyed getting to know him. Alesha and Caleb are very cute together.  We are just very excited to have him be a part of our family.
   We went out and did a few engagement photos and I've included some of them below.