Sunday, August 5, 2012

keepng cool at 100 degrees!

Isabell thought she should help Riley into the pool.
Had all the family out to swim and try to keep cool. and enjoy dinner and some lively conversation.
 Both pools were warmer than we would have liked. Guess 100 degree day can do that. We added  more cold water. It helped alittle. So we had a sprinkler going also, to help you really cool off.
  The grandkids were trying to jump off side of pool, which popped the last one. I got the idea to have them jump off a stool. They Loved It!!! The photos speak for themselves.
Isabell was the first one to jump in.

Peyton and Parker tie for the best jumping pic.

I asked Madison to Jump in for me so I could get her pic. She gave me about 5 different poses on Stool
before  I finally got this one!!!! Such a cute and funny girl!

Melia showing off her cool Summer outfit. a 20's ,30's throw back!
Peyton wins most talented, as he can spit water and Jump!(boys!!)

Isabell and Brady showing off their Jumps!!

Riley crawled in here. guess babies know what to do to keep cool. Go for cover.
And I just love her SMILE!!
After the water, we ate a great meal of burger, cook by Doug.
It was a great afternoon and evening.
Brady and Ellie ended the night swimming in the buff, while Parker joined them in he's briefs.
Then the kids headed to the play ground as it was cool enough to get on.
They should all sleep good tonight!