Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nate's Birthday- Grandkids

Nate turned 26 this month. Hard to believe they are all getting so old. We had a late Party for him on Friday.

Nate blowing out candles(check out madison's face)
He had angel food cake and Ice cream. everyone came over to wish him a happy birthday.

Madison Loved helping her dad open presents!
 Got some Hemi stuff which he was pretty excited about.
The hemi Man

 Before all the excitement, I tried to do some photos of the Grandkids in their Christmas clothes as we never got this done at Christmas and I really wanted a photo with all  the grandkids in it. It was a very interesting experience with  a 4 month old (ellie) two- 17 month old's( Parker and Brady) two-2.5yrs olds( Madison and Isabell) and a 3.5 yrs old (Peyton). never got a shot with all of them looking at the camera at the same time with a little help from photoshop I did manage to put this together.(I know Erica-I'm working on Madison and will re-post with updated photo.

Madison and Brady were the two hardest to photograph. Peyton sat and held Ellie so cute!! When we told them we were all done, Peyton dump Ellie over on her side and jumped up. We'll have to work with him on, you have to have a an adult take the baby before you try to get up.

 Also, tried to get photos of each family of kids with varing result. I think the kids (and parents) were pretty happy when I put the camera away.
Parker & Brady trying to share the same stool!

Erica and melia

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

 After trying to change things up last year to work around everyone's schedules, this year we decided that we were sticking with our normal traditions. That meant a Christmas eve without the Hunts(Melia, Spencer, Isabell and Ellie). It was weird and we missed them. But we still had a good time.  (beware Lots of photos)
  After the Gordon Party, the kids took naps and we worked on finishing up dinner. Tressa did an awesome job with the table. We had Ham and turkey and a new sweet potato dish Tressa made that was really good.

Nate got all decked out for christmas eve!!!
After cleaning up and feeding the kids we settled down for alittle reading to set the mood and remind us why we gather and exchange gifts. The kids are just not quite old enough for this.
 Sitting for the "Christmas story" from the New Testament and Jesse's reading of the "night before Christmas" was a little tough on them.

  So we moved onto the presents. This also didn't go to well. Once they opened a present that was it for them.

Brady was more into his Popsicle than presents. (in all fairness
though he is cutting 5 molars)

Long ago( last year??) we gave each person a present and then opened them one at a time so we could really enjoy the experience and see what every one got.  We let the kids open one more gift, sent them to the family room to play with new toys and watch a movie and the adults settled in for a couple hours of fun and sharing. Was very nice. We let the kids finish their presents as they had an interest for it and saved a few things for Christmas day to open with Isabell.
Doug gave Brady and Parker ( 17 month..ish) Horsey rides on his knee. They loved it!!!

 Everyone headed home to get ready for santa.

Anytime some one lays on the ground. ( here Nate) Parker loves to crawl up on their backs.
he is the  Great conquer.
  The next day seemed more normal. Alesha played Santa for Erica's kids. We had a nice brunch and then opened more gifts.
Isabell in her cute christmas robe!!

Doug bought Melia and Tressa matching footed PJ's. They had always wanted some!!
Aren't they Cute??!!LOL

Brady just being cute
 The boys had to try out Jesse's "Big game hunter" which Peyton loved watch them play.
  Tressa got the Wii dance game, So after left overs, everyone spent the evening trying to out do each other on the Wii. Nate seemed to have a gift for dancing that none of us knew about. He won quite often!!!

   Madison loves to DANCE!! She was really into this game! As you will see she is in most of the shots. Madison spent most of the evening in the living room dancing with all the adults, while the other kids vegged to Dora or Diego. And check out her TV remote she used as a Wii controller so she could be like everyone else.

The boys sporting their Christmas shirts Doug had gotten them all for christmas.
 Time for alittle of the Ah-Choo game Jesse plays with the boys. They say AH Choo and he lets them fall down from his legs. they love it!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Justin's Christmas party

 The Whole Gang!(This was the only pic I could get with everyone's face in it.)

 Susan's grandson Justin decided he wanted to have a Christmas party on Christmas eve. Susan was brave enough to invite all my Grandkids up. Me and the girls (& Spencer) took the kids up there, while the boys( Doug, Nate, Jesse & Ryan)& Alesha, all went to the gym and played alittle b-ball and football.
Justin wanted everyone to wear a party hat. This is Parker sporting his
I don't think it lasted too long.

The party was fun. The kids frosted and decorated some gingerbread men and snowmen. Again, Madison was really into this activity.

Heather & Ellie-Heather was MORE than HAPPY to watch her
so Melia could help Isabell.
 Brady and Parker were not!

Next we did a pinata. It was pretty tough to break. each of the older kids gave a couple tries.

 Justin was the only one who hit it like he was trying to break it. Peyton hit it like he was playing a drum. Mads was getting tired and Justin was trying to help her out, she didn't understand and just started crying.

 when she finally went up to hit it she just touch the stick very very lightly on the pinata.
Justin was so cute with the young kids. when he and Isabell where sitting in chairs and Madison wanted one, Justin went and got her one. Then he wanted her to sit closer to him. He made her get out of the chair, which she didn't understand and started crying again. But then he pulled the chair closer to his chair and motioned for her to climb back on the chair. It was really cute.

 Peyton and Brady were pretty fascinated by the toy story 3 wrapping paper. Brady even took some of his candy and just camped out under their tree looking at a toy story wrapped package. I think everyone had a good time. Hope Justin did. Since it was his party!!!

Isabell entertained everyone singing and dancing-"Santa Claus
is coming to town."

Thought this was so cute -Isabell and Emily(sp is wrong) look like they are
 having an important conversation.
 Then we headed home to get really for Christmas eve!! You'll have to wait a day or two for that blog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pre-Christmas activities

For us Abrahamsons, Christmas is really a whole season of celebrating the birth of the Savior. One really big Birthday Party. And the week before the big day things really seemed to heat up with a number of fun activities and family get togethers. This year we had to push some stuff back because with her new job, Alesha couldn't get here till the 21st. And since Tressa is our big party girl, and the party girl has been pretty sick( making a baby) we did not have as many events as usual.

We did make Christmas cookies and all the grandkids got in on cutting out some dough.

Brady giving it a try and more in his fun exploring mode below

Alesha and Ryan

Isabell and Ryan having alittle fun.
We did lots of hanging out, watching Christmas movies, and wrapping presents.
Brady doing what he does best- pulling the DVD's off shelf and then opening them.

Melia teaching Ryan how to play califorina speed.?

Madison showing off her Ballerina dance moves
Then we had our 2nd annual Rice Crispy decoration night.

Which is always fun. This is Madison's favorite event I think. She could sit and decorate things like this all day long.

 She's so cute about how she takes her time and puts stuff on her Rice crispy treat house.

Isabell doesn't need hands to eat this stuff.
Parker hoping to get some of the good stuff too, while Jesse eats his house.
 All the older grandkids had fun. Generally eating as much of the decorations as putting them on the treats.  The adults seemed to have fun too!
 After a rush of sugar... the next natural thing to seemed to be.... yes that's right- reindeer rides courtsey of grandpa.

Then Tressa thought this would be a good time to give Ellie her Christmas, so she would have them to wear christmas eve.