Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot summer day


I had been missing the days when Tressa and Jesse lived here and it seemed we spent alot of time outside and in the pools. The other girls would show up with their kiddies and it was just lots of fun!!!.
  So, when we finally had a nice 90 degree day in Aug. All the little one's came over to play and swim and run through the sprinklers.
  It was a really fun  day as you can see! We hoped to do it again today but, some of the family has been getting sick since we got back from Spokane.( not that Spokane got everyone sick) Doug was really bad for a couple days but, fine today. I'm not so good today. Parker wasn't his best yesterday.,and tonight poor Madison is throwing-up all the time. She can't keep anything down.
papa and Brady
Anyway back to the summer fun. I'll let the pic's do the talking!!!
we'd gotten a new pool for the grandkids. This was the 1st day they got to use it
 Madison was not a fan of the pools and did not spend much time in them.

Isabell going down the slide

Madison did seem to love the Sprinkler.
Brady and Parker enjoying the sprinkler.
If Brady wasn't so cute, I don't think he would have gotten away with walking in Grandpa's Green Onions
As per Melia's blog Isabell listening to anything but, Peyton's heart.

Peyton Listening to Isabells HEART
Pic Melia didn't show you...Isabell not to happy about sharing with Madison.
OK, call me crazy. I really wanted a nice pic of all the grandkids in their swimsuits.
This is what I got!!!
Peyton cooling his back side
Brady being Brady.
Parker wishing he could walk and keep up with Brady.
Melia keeping cool in the pool with hubby Spencer. She was just wishing so could get the baby
out. ( so Family- when are we laying bets on when this unknown, unnamed child will be born??)

Best of Yearbook Videos

Below is a collection of Yearbook commerical intended for my Yearbook staff and Mr. Bowers video class.
 I was having trouble uploading files and needed on place to put them. Some are student done some by Jostens.
You will probably want to wait for our next family blog.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tum Tum 2010

1st let me say expect a lot of photos. Anytime I spend a few days with the grandkids the shutter on my camera just seems to fly!!

Peyton and his Grandpa
Lake view from inside the cabin
We finally made a trip to our annual summer vacation spot. "Tum Tum" on Long Lake.... Spokane river. We had hoped to get the whole family there. But, it just never worked out. Doug and I took a look at our calendar and if we were going to make a trip to Spokane before school started it was now or never.
Jesse and Tressa after a big swim
 When Tressa heard we were going she and Jesse cleared there schedule and came along. The 2nd night there Erica and Nate showed up.
  Our main motivation for the trip was that I hadn't seen Doug's parents in a long time and a good friend's mom has been very sick and I wanted to come and offer my love and support to her at this time.
  So having some of the kids and grandkids there was a HUGE bonus and we had a great time.

Jesse and Nate having a deep and meaningful talk? NO, I don't think so!
We ate out a couple times. Spokane has the best restaurants. If we had more time we would have hit up a few more places. The weather was good- mid-80's & the water was warm .
 The little ones were not fans of the lake water. Either to big or too cold not sure which. Parker came the closest to enjoying the water.
Grandpa with Parker and Brady. Parker was enjoying this more than Brady.
  On the 2nd day we set-up some smaller beach pools. The kiddies seemed happier with these.

Erica and Madison on the boat

Peyton & Madison before their 1st and only boat ride!
 We also got the boat out and did a little tubing. Nate and Jesse got a pretty wild ride and were catching some serious air.
That night we went to Shakey's Pizza. One of Doug's favorite pizza places back in the day, They had all closed down a number of years ago. We wanted to check the new one out and see it it was like the original. We were not disappointed. Very good Pizza ( did you get that Jolene?)
  On the way in Tressa was holding Madison's hand, Peyton then went and grabbed Madisons other hand, it was so cute. I wish we had a picture.

  Sat. was Jesse's 25th Birthday. Lots of family came out to say hi and wish Jesse a happy birthday.
 The kids played down on the beach and in the small pools.
The Sand Box!!

Parker-doesn't want to wait for his bathing suit!

 Parker even did alittle skinny dipping with his grandpa. Madison liked the sand boxes but, didn't really ever get to excited about the water.

 Brady got to were he loved to be dunked. This really tired his mom out. The minute his little feet touched the cement wall, he ran right off again and into the water. Tressa would pull him up, and off he'd go again. Peyton seemed to like the feet dunking thing too.
Jesse taking over after Tressa got tried.
Their Cuz Cameron was a crazy wall jumping man, and Jesse thought he'd try alittle pole vaulting with a huge stick.
The Plant

Where Peyton Spent alot of his time.
The morning had begun with some going "garage selling ". Erica and Nate were up early and out exploring. guess there was lots of good stuff. Nate really wished he had his truck. He did find some shorts and shirts for .25 ea. He didn't bother to wash them. He just proudly put his great finds on and wore them all day!!
Doug's brother in-law Steve had a good day too. He scored a nice canoe. There hasn't been a working one at Tum Tum for a long time. Doug and Peyton got to go with Doug's dad on it first voyage all the way across the lake.

  We also had 5 generations there with Doug"s grandma, mom, him and the girls and kids. So we grabbed some photos. Doug's grandma P is 100 yrs old! going on 101 in Sept.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Christmas time?

Is it time to prepare for it already?  When I made a lumber run to the Home Depot and told them it was for a Christmas project they looked at me like I was out of my mind.  They must not know the importance of starting in the summer to have a hope of getting a project done in time.

Add caption
bottom of one section of the train, with the wheels on so it can be
moved around the yard easily
I am currently working on two projects.  One is additional superhero figures for the tree out front and the other is a train that can function as a Christmas decoration and well as a kids play area the rest of the year.
The first step of the figures is to prime the wood then draw out the figure for the cutting. Next comes the sanding and the part I like the least the sealing of the edges of the wood to protect them.  Now it is on to doing the outlines of the figure.  The last step will be the actual painting of the figure. 

I have been switching back and forth between the train and the figures.  While I have put the train together in my mind a number of times I was never really confident about the wheels that they would support and also roll but so far it looks like it is going to work. I started with the passenger car then will move on to the engine.  Those might be the only two I get done this year.  I will update as changes are made.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the rest of my Wisconsin trip

Shelley & Monica getting food ready for the rehearsal dinner
at the Condo.
Here is how the rest of my trip played out. Friday was spent getting ready for wedding, checking out Linze and Bob's $800 a night condo, and rehearsal dinner.
 it actually had a room all set up
for getting massages.
Linze & her grandma at rehearsal dinner

Hot tub room in the condo

The next day was the big event. we did most of the pic's before hand. They were so cute together and as you can see my niece Linze was a beautiful bride!!

 The wedding was at a resort on the water and they were married on the dock. It all was very nice and all went fairly smoothly. Me and my mom headed back to our hotel room before things got to crazy.

Shelley's hat had blown off her head and into the water as we flew down the river. Craig did some very impressing driving and pulled the boat so close to the hat, that Shelley just reached over and grabbed it!!
   Sunday we hung out at the lake somemore. Spent part of the day on the water. Craig took us down to the other end part of the lake.

   Monday we spent out at the lake again. With Linze's condo rental, they had the use of a nice pool area and everyone hung out there till. 3:30.
 One of Linze and Bob's babies! They were worried about her not being able to swim.

Whitney & Bob teaming up for a friendly game of water volleyball.
We then loaded up and headed back into Madison to have dinner with my sister Shelley and Christy's friend Monica before they headed to the airport to head back to Spokane.
We ate at a place called the "Noodle Co." it was fun and different. The food was good.
  Then we went back up the THE DELL'S. I wanted to get some more fudge. I took some home for Doug and Tressa. Alec had really been wanting to take his Grandma to the "Tommy Barlett show" It's a WaterSkiing" show with other stuff.
 It was different than what I was expecting, but good. We all really enjoyed it.
It ended with a Laser light tribute to our troops and the American Flag. It was very moving.

  Tues. Just pack and headed to the Airport. Arrived in Seattle around 11PM. It was so good to be home and see Doug.
 I really enjoyed my time with Christy and her family!!! They were great host, even with all the wedding stuff going on. Now that I've finally gotten back there, I've vowed to go back every 2 or 3 years!  I'm to the point were I think I can handle the flying stuff. So I'll start a Wisconsin travel fund!