Friday, January 30, 2009

spontaneous song

There are reasons to keep your children around home, they make life fun. So there I was cruising through the movies on netflix when I see "Mama Mia" and its says with Abba music. Now there is nothing quite like some good ole music from the 70's so I order it. I didn't know that Abba doesn't sing the songs in the musical its only their music the actors sing it. While we are sitting around watching the film Tressa remarks that that is whats wrong with our family we don't break out into spontaneous song often enough like they do in the musicals. To remedy the problem she and Melia get up and start dancing and singing to the musical. At the end of the movie they have a couple of the actual Abba songs so I pick up Isabell to start dancing with her and Tressa and Melia join in waving a couple of blankets around as they dance. Melia tries to get Peyton in on the fun and at first he loves it till he figures out its his blanket and he thought they were playing peek a boo.
It would be an acurate statement to say that we do like our cheesy musical, and even an occasional good one as well, for life does need more spontaneous song but hopefully by those who can sing which does rule out myself unless the music is really loud and I can't be heard then I'm great.
Movie critic now: Pierce Brosnan doesn't hold a candle to Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood in Paint Your Wagon. I got Melia hooked on that one a few years back. For a truly fun cheesy musical Grease 2 is highly under rated, there again I've been in the high school setting for 25 years now and I've never seen the kids at our school break out into song like in Grease or High School Musical. Maybe I'll have to offer extra credit if they do.
My wife will be a little disappointed in me in this post as I have no pictures to go along with it and it seems in this family it didn't really happen unless we have some kind of picture of it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

weather in Ony.

It has been a while since I (Doug) have written one(a blog) so felt I should get around to it. The thing Dee Dee and I both miss the most about Eastern Washington is the 4 distinct season. While 100 straight days of the same, might be paradise to some folks. I'm not one of them ..give me some freezing mornings and 100 degree days and I'm happy. ..

Even at my age there is still a great joy in a day with snow and yes teachers also like snow days as much as when we were kids, although sometimes they do mess up plans for what you need to get accomplished at school. This winter has provided us with some extreme days of weather.

The snow looked great especially before Christmas and with the Christmas lights and decorations. After a while though it just covered them up and the newer LEDs don't produce enough heat to melt the surround snow so they just get buried by it.

Our side lot durning flooding. Water was rushing by on it's way down to the lake.

Doug down by the lake. All the water you see around him are the trails we normally walk on.
Of course this is Western Washington so when you get a lot of snow its followed by rising waters. We had water flowing through the side yard and up to the house but now in the house. Unfortunately not all those here were so lucky.

Our neighbors house. Water didn't go in ,but it got close. and below our alley.

Amazing how fast we went from white to rain puddles.

With being stuck at home Dec and most of Jan. Peyton and I have taken to going to the boys basketball games to get out of the house some and watch some hoops. Peyton is all eyes at the games taking in the band, cheerleaders, fan and players. His favorite part though is the popcorn he always manages to finish off his half of the bag just fine.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ryan Lochte

This is a little of a belated blog. Back in Dec. I got to meet my very first Olympic Champion. Ryan Lochte the USA gold medal winner in the 200m backstroke at the 2008 Olympics.

I was working for NSP at a big club swim meet at the "King County Aquatic center" and he was there most of the day signing autographs, and having his picture taken (by me!). By the end of the day we had started chatting with each other. He is really a nice guy. Said he hadn't swam since the Olympics. Talked about how amazing it was in Beijing. He was really good with all the kids. I was impressed.
This is Ryan with Dayna Gordon. The daughter of one of my friends who worked for NSP boothing on this day. She was pretty excited about this photo.

Monday, January 5, 2009

peyton's climbing adventure

Generally we aren't suppose to cover the adventures of Peyton to much. But, with Tressa being so sick right now and not posting at all. I think she'll be OK with this.
We hadn't gotten the mattress that Alesha slept on in the family room put away yet. It was just sitting up against the couch. Doug went in to check on Peyton and he was climbing up it like a little rock climber! and even funnier was after he got to the top, climbed on to the couch, he'd go back over and slide down!!! How do these little ones think of this stuff. And he had no fear. After coming down feet first many times and on his tummy...he thought head first - why not. this did not go to well for him. Actually we all panic as we feared for his neck. Melia let out a blood curdling scream. He hit his head and flopped over on to his back. Melia's scream must have shocked him alittle. He looked up at us all and said "ah oh". Then the tears and crying started his head was a bit red from the landing but, in a few minutes he was back at his old game.

Doug and Jesse decided he need more of a challenge as they turned the mattress long ways. Now Peyton had a better slide to go down. So up he'd climb and down he'd slide. Amazing at how much energy the little guy has. He had a great time putting on a show for us and we had a great time watching him!!!